• Visiting time- 10 AM to 5.00 PM
  • Lunch Time -11.30AM to 2.30 PM
  • Fish Jumping Rate-Rs.100/-

Contact no: 9526041209,9526041267,9526041199



  • Location-11kms from Ernakulam High Court Junction
  • Visting Time:- 10 AM to 6 PM
  • Lunch Time-11.30 AM to 2.30 PM

Contact no-0484-2493864,9526041209,9526040077




                        Located in the middle of water.Can accommodate 10 persons at a time.Lunch & Evening snacks will be served in the Hut.Besides Speed boat(Fish Jumping),Coracle(Kutta vanchi)Rowing Boat,Pedal Boat ,Angling etc are free in this package.

Extra charges for Water cycling & Kayakking. Rs.100/ for Water cycle(Time half an hour) & Rs.150/- for Kayakking(Time Half an Hour)


  Bamboo Hut-Full day- Working Days-Rs.500/- for adults

  Children- 5 to 12 tears-Rs250/-

  Holidays-Rs.550/- for adults

  Children 5 to 12 years-Rs.300/-


  Bamboo Hut-Half day- Working days-Rs.250/- for adults

  Children 5 to 12 years Rs.100/-

  Holidays-Half Day-Rs.300/- Adults

  Children 5 to 12 years Rs.250/-


  Free entry for children up to 5 years.



  Located in the middle of water.Boat shaped island and a tree top house (Erumadam) installed in it.Dining table,benches,swing etc is placed inside the Vanchithuruth.Food will be served in the thuruth.Can accommodate 15 persons at a time.Water Cycling,Kayakking,Coracle(Kutta vanchi), Rowing boat, Pedal boat Angling etc are free in this package.

Extra Charges for Speed Boat(Fish Jumping) Rs.250/- for 5 persons.(Time 15 minutes)

Timings & Rate:-

Working days

10.00 AM to 3.00 PM-–Adult-Rs.500/-

Children 5 to 12 years-Rs.300/-



Children 5 to 12 years-Rs.350/-

Free entry for children up to 5 years.


  • Speed Boat(Fish Jumping)-Rs 250/- for 5 persons
  • Water Cycle-Rs.100/- for half an hour
  • Kayaking –Rs.150/-for half an hour.





A statue of a beautiful mermaid is constructed in the first pond at the entrance gate to welcome the visitors.

Timings-       10.00AM to 6.00PM

Lunch Time-11.30 AM to 2.30 PM

Contact nos.04829 273314,9526041209,9400993314

New Tourism Facilities-Palaikkari Fish Farm:-

  • Kettuvallam Museum:-

This is a kettuvallom inside which is an exhibition of traditional fishing equipments ,household items and old materials used by fishermen is arranged.It is an  opportunity for the new generation to see and understand the life style of old fishermen.It is a journey to the past. Charge Rs.100/- per person

  • Cage culture:-

A facilty is provided  to tourists to see the cage culture of GIFT.Tourists can travel through the bridge and reach the cages and can feed the fishes.Charges-Rs.20/- per person


Boat rides:-

  • Speed boat :-Half an hour ride in the Vembanad backwaters.A group of 8 to 10 persons can travel at a time.Charges-Rs.150/- per person.
  • Shikkari boat:-Two hour journey through the Vembanad Backwaters.Charges-up to 20 persons-Rs.3000/- Up to 30 persons-Rs.3500/- and up to 40 persons-Rs.4500/-




A one day trip connecting 3 Aqua tourism centres of Matsyafed-Narakkal,Malippuram & Palaikkari.Trip starts from Narakkal with breakfast at 9.00 Vanchithuruthile Erumadam.You can sit & relax in the  Bamboo huts. Can use kuttavanchi,pedal boat,rowing boat etc.At 10.30 AM,journey starts to Palaikkari Fish Farm via A/C Tempo traveller.Reach Palaikkari at 11.45 am. Fresh Juice at Palaikkari.

12 to 1 Shikkari boat journey.1.30 PM to 3.00 PM-Kettuvallom musem,cage culture,children’s park.Fresh juice at 3.00 pm. Travel to malippuram aqua tourism centre.Fish jumping at 4.30 pm.Mangroove garden at 5 pm.Tea & snacks.After tea visit to Chappa Beach at 5.30 pm. Can enjoy sunset. Back to Narakkal Aqua torism centre at 6.30 pm Kappa & fish curry at narakkal. Tour ends by 6.45 pm.Charge Rs.2000/- per person and for children 5 to 12 years Rs.1000/- per head. No ticket charge for children up to 5 years.


A guide (farm staff ) will be accommodating the trip through out.The Bhumika trip will also start from Palaikkari aqua tourism centre and end at Palaikkari. In this case breakfast and supper will be provided at Palaikkari and special lunch at Narakkal-Vanchithuruthile Erumadam or Bamboo Hut.


 There is a second category of Bhumika in which supper,sun set and mangrove garden is excluded. In this type Fish jumping will be shown at Narakkal Aqua tourism centre. Tea & snacks will be provided at 5.00 pm at Narakkal and the trip endsat 5.15 pm. In this category also the trip begins at Palaikkari and ends at Palaikkari and also begins from Narakkal and ends at Narakkal.

 Charges Rs.1500/- for adults. Children 5 to 12 years-Rs.750/- Free for kids up to 5 years.

             A minimum of 5 persons are required for a Bhumika trip. Groups consisting of

           10 to  50 nos can also avail the facilty of Bhumika.



A one day trip connecting 3 Aqua tourism centres of Matsyafed-Narakkal,Malippuram & Palaikkari through waterways.Trip starts from Palaikkari with breakfast at 9.00 AM.After breakfast –Kettuvallom museum & cage culture. Then travel to Vypin island Ernakulam in a speed boat-2 hour journey Only 8 persons are accommodated in this trip.A life gurad will accompany besides the boat driver along with the tourists. After reaching Vypin, a tourist guide will take you in an A/C vehicle to Narakkal Aqua Tourism Centre.Special Lunch at 1.00 PM in the Vanchithuruthile Erumadom. You can relax in Bamboo huts,use kuttavanchi, water cycle etc. 2.30 PM- Fresh juice .2.45 PM journey to Malippuram Fish Farm.3.00 PM-Fish jumping Then  mangrove garden .After that tea & snacks.$.00 PM return to Vypin Island.Then via speed boat back to Palaikkari Fish Farm.6.15 PM-Fresh Juice at Palaikkari Fish farm.Tour ends at 6.30 PM.

Charge Rs.1500/- per head. Children 5 to 12 years-Rs.750/-

Only 8 persons are accommodated in this trip


AQUA TOURISM TICKET RATES ( w.e.f 01-04-2018)

The aquatourism Entry Fees uniformly in al Matsyafed farms w.e.f-01.04.2018 as shown below.


Sl.No Particulars Category Timings Rate (Rs.)
1. Entry Fee Adult 10am-6pm 150
2. Entry Fee Child 10am-6pm 100
3. Entry Fee - evening Adult 3pm-6pm 100
4. Entry Fee - evening Child 3pm-6pm 50
5. Entry Fee - Holiday Adult 10am-6pm 200
6. Entry Fee-  Holiday Child 10am-6pm 150
7. Entry Fee - Holiday Evening Adult 3pm-6pm 150
8. Entry Fee- Holiday Evening Child 3pm-6pm 100
9. Speed Boat - Ferry     50
10. Speed Boat - Fish Jumping     100
11. Speed Boat - Lake crossing \ 30 mts 150
12. Hut   Half day 100
13. Hut   Full day 200
14. Video shooting     2000
15. Film shooting   Half day 10000
16. Film shooting   Full day 20000

Terms and Conditions :-

1. All rates are inclusive of GST

2. No entry fee for children below 5 years age

3. The age limit for child ticket will be 5 to 12 years

4. Saturdays, Sundays and other public holidays of state government will be treated as holidays for special rates

5. The rates for huts and speed boats will be in addition to the entry fee

6. A minimum rate of Rs.500/- will be charged per trip for speed boat - lake crossing and fish jumping

7. A minimum rate of Rs.500/- will be charged for hut-half day and Rs.1000/- for hut-full day (10am to 6pm)

8. Above fee are only for entry , Cost for food , drinks are extra

9. The revised entry fee and other fees of aquatourism facilities uniformly in all Matsyafed Fish Farms w.e.f. 01-04-2018 as above.