Matsyafed spearheads Blue Revolution in Kerala through aquaculture development activities. Matsyafed is running 4 prawn hatcheries, 3 fish farms and 3 public aquariums under Aquaculture Division in addition to other aquaculture activities.


  • Running four Prawn Hatcheries each with annual production capacity of 30 million prawn/shrimp seeds in each hatchery.
  • Production and marketing of Tiger Prawn (Penaeus monodon), White Prawn (Penaeus indicus), Scampi (Macrobrachium rosenbergi)
  • Supply of prawn seeds to farmers within Kerala and outside states.
  • Supply of prawn seeds under Matsyasamruthi Project of Govt of Kerala
  • Strict quality control including PCR tests at different levels of seed production
For details contact :


i) Matsyafed Prawn Hatchery,


Telephone : 0474-2793012

Mobile : 9526041075

Email :

ii) Matsyafed Prawn Hatchery,


Telephone : 0480-2844920

Mobile : 9526041164

Email :

iii) Matsyafed Prawn Hatchery,

Veliyamcodu, Ponnani,Malappuram

Telephone : 0494-2677250

Mobile : 9526041084

Email :

iv) Matsyafed Prawn Hatchery,


Telephone : 0497-2731308

Mobile : 9526041091

Email :


  • Three fish farms for commercial production of fish and prawns
  • All the farms are brackish water fish farms with area of Njarakkal - 36.25 acres , Malippuram - 41.25 acres and Palaikkari - 115 acres
  • Culture of Pearl spot, Milk fish, mullets, prawn ,crab etc.
  • Sale of fish through the outlets attached to the farms
  • Cage culture of GIFT at Palaikkari Fish Farm


  • Eco- friendly aquatourism facilities in the ambience of backwaters in fish farms at Njarakkal, Malippuram and Palaikkari
  • Boating, angling and rowing facilities
  • Ethnic food with fresh farm reared fishes served in the canteen run by SHGs
  • Tourism project with total outlay of 350 lakhs nearing completion at Palaiikari farm


For details contact :


i) Matsyafed Fish Farm, Njarakkal P.O,


Telephone : 0484-2493864

Mobile : 9526041209

Email :

ii) Matsyafed Fish Farm, Palaikkari,

Poothotta, Chempu PO, Kottayam

Telephone : 04829-273314

Mobile : 9526041209

Email :

iii) Matsyafed Fish Farm,Malippuram,

Enamkunnapuzha PO, Ernakulam

Mobile : 9526041209

Email :



  • Running three Public aquaria. The aquarium at Thenmala is functioning in the eco-tourism area.
  • Kottayam and Vaikom aquaria function in collaboration with Kottayam and Vaikom municipalities respectively.
  • Public aquarium houses tanks of various sizes in which variety of both fresh water as well as marine fishes .
  • Varieties of fishes include Gold fish, Discus Oscar, Angel, Gourami, tetras, barbs, guppies, mollies,sword tail, platty, cat fish, carp, cichlids, morphs, parrot fish, danios, red line toepedos and many more.
  • Sale of aquarium tanks, ornamental fishes and aquarium accessories through the outlets attached to the aquariums
  • Training on ornamental fishery and aquarium maintenance for prospective entrepreneurs
  • Seed production of ornamental fishes through SHGs in Kottayam


For details contact :


i) Matsyafed Public Aquarium,

Near Adventure Zone of Ecotourism,

KIP Dam PO, Thenmala, Kollam

Telephone : 0475-2345005

Mobile : 9526041075

Email :

Working hours : 10 AM to 6 PM ( Monday holiday)

ii) Matsyafed Public Aquarium,

Adjascent to the Municipal Park, Kurien Uthup Road,

Nagampadam, Kottayam

Telephone : 04829-216180

Mobile : 9526041033, 9526041070

Email :

Working hours : 11 AM to 7 PM ( Monday holiday)

iii) Matsyafed Public Aquarium,

Vaikom, Kottayam

Telephone : 04829-216180

Mobile : 9526041033, 9526041070

Email :

Working hours : 11 AM to 7 PM ( Wednesday holiday)



  • Technical collaboration in aquaculture with Central Institute of Brackishwater Aquaculture (CIBA), ICAR, Govt of India , Chennai
  • The areas of collaboration include technical support for the production of disease free high health shrimp seeds, quality control in aquaculture, scientific culture practice , seed production of L.vannamei , establishment of Fish Feed Mill etc


  • Project implemented with a total outlay of Rs. 696.59 Lakhs under Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana Schemes include renovation of Njarakkal, Malippuram & Palaikkari fish farms, renovation of Thirumullavaram, Kaipamangalam, Veliamcodu & Moplabay prawn hatcheries and ornamental fishery development projects at Thenmala, Kottayam & Vaikom


  • Implemented Cage Culture projects in Kasargod under RKVY scheme and in Alappuzha & Kottayam districts under Kuttanadu project. Cage Culture of GIFT and Pearl Spot is carrying out at Palikkari Fish farm, Vaikkom , Kottayam.

For more information contact : Deputy General Manager (Aquaculture)

Mobile No : 9526041029

Email :