Matsyafed Ice and Freezing Plant having a freezing capacity of 30 Tons per day with a storage capacity of 600 Tons is one of the largest Ice & Freezing Plants in the Government sector. Main business focus of this unit is  on processing and export of tuna and other different fish products to various countries such as Thailand, China, Iran, Turkey, France, Spain, Oman, Dubai, Tunisia, Algeria, Sri Lanka, etc. The plant has a special facility called tuna terminal to export high value tuna products to developed markets.


  • MATSYAFED ICE AND FREEZING PLANT (MIFP) was taken over from defunct Kerala Fisheries Corporation by Matsyafed in the year 1988.
  • MIFP started its operation after renovation on 10.07.1999.
  • The primary operation was the promotion of ordinary frozen fish in the whole form.
  • In the second stage we have promoted slices and other ready to cook products and that was readily accepted by the market.
  • MIFP got approval for exports in Feb, 2000.
  • MIFP is having a total storage capacity of 600 MT, 2 Blast Freezers (20 MT Capacity), One Plate Freezer ( 7.5 MT/day) and one IQF (10 MT)
  • We are sourcing materials from fishermen primary co-operatives and harbours all over South India.
  • We exported our first consignment of Ribbon Fish to China in Oct, 2000.
  • Factory approved for EU exports in September 2010.
  • At present, MIFP export frozen fish to many countries including EU countries. Major markets are Srilanka, Thailand, Indonesia, Iran, Singapore, Sultanate of Oman, United Arab Emirates, Tunisia, Libya, Bulgaria, France, Italy etc.
  • In 2010, Tuna Terminal was commissioned for exporting Chilled fish including Sashimi Tuna to various countries.
  • Six Fresh Fish Outlets are running under MIFP in Kochi City.
  • We cater fresh fish to Kochi Refineries Canteen, Sub jails and other institutions in and around Ernakulam.
  • We are operating a Diesel Outlet for marine boats and in board crafts.
  • We are operating two refrigerated vehicles to sell fish in interior areas in Ernakulam and Idukki Districts of Kerala on regular intervals.
  • We are conducting training programmes for fisherwomen/SHG/NGO's for fish handling, hygienic practices, sales promotion and customer care.