Matsyafed Input Security Scheme

The main objectives of the scheme are:

  1. To extend timely assistance to the beneficiaries  of Matsyafed schemes against damage to fishing  implements due to accidents and natural calamities:
  2. To compensate for loses sustained due to loss or damage of finishing implements obtained under Matsyafed schemes.
  3. To ensure that the investments under projects are protected against unforeseen contingencies and the fishermen groups are hedged from risks of such contingencies.

The fishing inputs distributed under the schemes financed by NCDC, NBCDFC, NMDFC and other specified agencies and implemented by Matsyafed are covered under MISS.  The premium from beneficiaries towards the Input Security Scheme is 4% of the actual value of the total inputs supplied under Matsyafed Schemes. The contribution is collected at the time of distribution of fishing inputs.