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Is Chitone safe & effective? Does Chitone have any side effect?

  • Some users of Chitosan/Chitone may have a mild laxative effect often associated with dietary fiber, others may experience constipation initially, if sufficient quantity of water is not consumed but it is normally a temporary condition.
  • After using Chitone for 3 months regularly, it should be stopped and the person taking it has to give a gap of 15 days and then conduct Lipid profile test etc; and if needed, “Chitone” capsules can be continued again.
  • Chitone is a food supplement that has to be consumed 25-30 minutes prior to taking food. Under no circumstances the person consuming Chitone capsules should stop tablets, medicines prescribed by a qualified medical practitioner. Tablets/medicines may be taken 1 hour  before taking “ Chitone” capsules or 1 hour after taking “ Chitone” capsules.