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Is Chitone safe & effective? Does Chitone have any side effect?

  • Some users of Chitosan/Chitone may have a mild laxative effect often associated with dietary fiber, others may experience constipation initially, if sufficient quantity of water is not consumed but it is normally a temporary condition.
  • After using Chitone for 3 months regularly, it should be stopped and the person taking it has to give a gap of 15 days and then conduct Lipid profile test etc; and if needed, “Chitone” capsules can be continued again.

What are the safety directions for Chitone?

  • Those who are allergic to shell fishes (prawn, crab, lobster etc) should not use this capsules, since they may develop same kind of allergy.
  • Don’t take other medicines along with or just before or after the consumption of Chitone.
  • Other medicines (tablets, syrup etc) are to be taken at least 1 hour prior to or after the consumption of Chitone (since Chitosan have very high chelating property it may absorb the medicines and may get excreted out.)

How should Chitone be used?

Consume 2 capsules before 25-30 minutes of each prime meal with boiled cool water. Do not use any beverage including coffee, tea, milk etc; along with the capsules.

Who could use Chitone and what is the dosage of Chitone?

  • Those who are in the habit of taking low fatty and medium fatty foods may take 2 capsules (1500mg) at a time before meals, preferably in the afternoon, for maintaining normal weight.
  • Those who are in the habit of taking high fatty foods and if the body cholesterol is on the higher side it is advised to give up the habit of consuming high fatty food at least for a short period and take minimum of 2 capsules (1500mg) half an hour before lunch and dinner only.

How does Chitone Act?

Chitone is consumed prior to food before 25-30 minutes of each prime meal with a glass of boiled cool water. The Chitosan in the Chitone dissolves in stomach and forms a gel and the gel has an increased oil holding capacity and this gel mix up with the food consumed. The ionic structure of Chitosan enables it to combine with fat in the food and is eventually excreted out.

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What is Chitone?

Chitone is Chitosan powder, a natural fiber extracted from shells of prawns, crabs & lobsters. It attracts dietary fats, regulates cholesterol, blood pressure and reduces joint pain.