What are the safety directions for Chitone?

  • Those who are allergic to shell fishes (prawn, crab, lobster etc) should not use this capsules, since they may develop same kind of allergy.
  • Don’t take other medicines along with or just before or after the consumption of Chitone.
  • Other medicines (tablets, syrup etc) are to be taken at least 1 hour prior to or after the consumption of Chitone (since Chitosan have very high chelating property it may absorb the medicines and may get excreted out.)
  • Since Chitone removes fat and other high energy molecules of the diet, pregnant women, breast feeding women, Children below 16 years of age should not use Chitone.
  • For proper metabolic activity 6-7 glasses of water is to be consumed daily. While taking Chitone, it is advised to drink at least the same quantity of water (6-7 glasses.) This will facilitate maximum absorption of fat by Chitone.