Most of the traditional fishermen in the state are operating the fishing crafts with out board motors which uses Kerosene as fuel. The quantity of kerosene available under the PDS system is very limited and fishermen depend on the middle men for the sourcing the balance required quantity of kerosene for the fishing operation. This results in their getting fleeced by the middlemen as the price of kerosene isupplied by the middlement is exorbitantly high. To facilitate the fishermen to get the required quanitity of kerosene at reasonable price, thereby helping them to plg a major source of leakage of income,  Matsyafed with the support of Government has implemented a scheme to supply subsidized white kerosene with a subsidy of Rs.25 per litre. This has resulted in the reduction of operating expenses. The scheme has made a huge impact in increase in improving the disposable income of the fishermen.